For the Children Foundation was founded in 2005 expressly for the purpose of empowering friends of Royal Family KIDS to give a legacy gift that will keep helping children of abuse, abandonment and neglect for years to come.

The word “Legacy” has become one that is often associated with the material things or valuables that we pass on to our families.  Property, assets, annuities, stocks, collections, vehicles, and family heirlooms are the valuables… but there is so much more!  The gifts that will last beyond our valuables are our values!

Values are what make us who we are.  Our stories, our memories, our family vacations, traditions and work ethic all combine to create our family values.  The riches of our lives are built up over time.  The values that we have cultivated, nurtured and refined through our lifetime are the greatest treasures that we could ever possess or pass on.

Giving Values along with Valuables assures a legacy that will carry on for generations to come!

Our new logo is a symbol of our mission.  A Starfish, representing the story of how rescuing even ONE child makes a difference in the world.  The up-raised hands of every color representing the way we lift up the needs of the world’s children of abuse.

What if you could be the deciding factor of whether or not a seven-year-old by will spend the rest of his life in prison?

What if you could choose the future for a 10-year-old girl… pregnant teenager or successful, college-bound young adult?

What if you could rewrite the tragic story for a crumbling generation of hurting children, multitudes of them – abused, abandoned, damaged, despairing – living in the American foster care system?

Today… you can.

 For the Children Foundation is dedicated to:

Their rescue.

 Their restoration.

 Their Future.

And we’re searching for  people with this same kind of passion and commitment – with a willingness to plan today for tomorrow.

FTCF Signature Card